Banoffee Waffle UFIT Protein Freakshake!

Banoffee Waffle UFIT Protein Freakshake!

We've teamed up with our good friend the Protein Chef to create a range of delicious protein packed Freakshakes! We know these are totally outrageous and we do not suggest you add them to your daily diet, but for a treat that's slightly less naughty why not give it a try!

These are a new theme at the UFIT office and the only rule we have is the more over-the-top the better! All you need is:

1 bottle of UFIT banana

Peanut butter Sliced banana

Light squirty cream

2 waffles- why not try this fab recipe for protein waffles from the Protein Chef - recipe here

Toffee sauce

Chopped nuts

To find out how to make it you can watch our simple to follow video here.

Don't forget UFIT banana is available from Tesco, One Stop or directly from us here.