Privacy Policy

Welcome to UFIT's privacy policy. UFIT respects your privacy and we are completely committed to protecting your personal data.


Cookie Policy

At UFIT we use cookies on our website for a variety of reasons which are explained below. First and foremost, we want our website to be easy to shop, informative and friendly and cookies can help us achieve a better user experience for our customers. 

By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies and other technologies as set out in this policy. We understand that some visitors may wish to have more control over their visit to the UFIT site can adjust their settings accordingly. 

Our cookies are used to to determine your browser actions, patterns and how you interact with us. This helps us to provide you with the best service and to make it easier when you shop. It is also possible, if you prefer, to set up your internet browser to not accept cookies.  You should still be able to use our site without having cookies enabled.

Our website uses both persistent and session cookies:

  • Persistent cookies - These types of cookies are used to allow the website to recognise users when they return to the site and to remember certain information about their preferences. These cookies are cookies which stay on your computer permanently, until you "manually" delete them.
  • Session cookies - These types of cookies are used in order to allow customers to carry information across pages of the website, without having to re-enter such information. These cookies delete themselves automatically when you leave a website and go to another, or when you shut down your browser.

We also work with some third party web partners outlined below, with a short explanation how they use cookies:

  • Google Analytics - Google analytics allows us to understand how visitors are interacting with the UFIT site, this in turn allows us to optimise the site to deliver a better shopping platform for our visitors.
  • Targeting cookies - Facebook and Instagram are used to track referrals from other sites, allowing us to track the success of our marketing campaigns and better target our information to visitors.


Contact Us

If you have any queries on any aspect of our Privacy Policy, please contact us via the message centre in your online account or use on the details below:


Telephone: 01628 488 966


Address: Lacka Foods Ltd, Park House, Marlow. SL71FJ.