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Our bottle has been developed from PET material that has already had a previous life as a bottle, Clever eh! What’s more, all of the packaging that we use from our bottles and our caps to the trays that carry our products are all 100% recyclable! This means no single-use plastic material is used within the UFIT range and we’re doing everything we can to reduce and eventually eliminate virgin plastics completely.

Check out our simple 3-step sustainability plan


We’re working extremely hard to ensure we are continuously reducing the amount of virgin plastics we use in our products.


51% of the material we use in our bottles have had a previous life as a bottle. Our ambitious goal is to make this 100%


We’re using our voice though our social communities and on our packs to encourage and boost recycling rates.
We’ve sold over 40 Million bottles of UFIT over the past 6 years! By moving to our new RFIT bottle, we will save 400 tons of plastic on our next 40 million bottles sold! That equates to a combined weight of 70 African Elephants, that’s a lot of plastic right?!