The Growth Of The 'Free-From' Aisle

The Growth Of The 'Free-From' Aisle

You only have to visit the ‘Free From’ section of your local Supermarket to notice that the trend for these types of foods is on the rise! But why is this? Have we all been queuing up at our GP for an allergy tests? Nope, the increase is due to a new foodie trend to go ‘Free From’.

Many of the most popular diets now include gluten free and lactose free diets and brands have been quick to jump on the back of this trend with hundreds of new ‘Free From’ products hitting our shelves.

In-fact, the ‘Free-From’ market grew by an incredible 13% last year with sales hitting more than £531 million and its only set to grow further, with reports suggesting that sales are likely to hit £673 million by 2020!

Last year a huge 33% of Brits admitted to having bought or eaten a ‘Free-From’ food in the last six months, the most popular being gluten/wheat free or a dairy substitute, despite having no medical need to do so.

So should you being going ‘Free From’?

A topic that divides GP’s, Nutritionists and health professionals everywhere! Some claiming huge benefits of removing potential allergens from your diet, with others advising against removing anything from your diet unless there is a specific medical need. It seems the jury is out on what is best, but what we do know is that each individual will understand what effects their body and for some, avoiding gluten or lactose can be beneficial.

How is UFIT Lactose Free different from regular UFIT?

UFIT Lactose Free is made with real cows milk just like regular UFIT which means it contains all of the fantastic health benefits that cows milk provides. Namely being rich in protein and calcium. It’s then treated with a natural enzyme called Lactase which breaks down the lactose which is naturally found in milk leaving it with less than 0.05% lactose and thus suitable for those who are lactose intolerant or wish to follow a lactose free diet.

Same great flavour, same protein content, same great health benefits – just without the discomfort you may experience from lactose!