How Can Protein Help You Lose Weight? (No it's not another fad diet!)

How Can Protein Help You Lose Weight? (No it's not another fad diet!)

With obesity becoming a major public health concern and having thousands of different diets and magic weight loss interventions it can be easy to get lost in all what is out there. How do you know what’s right for you and if it will even work?

A ‘high protein diet’ doesn’t require a major lifestyle change or changing to a new ‘miracle’ diet plan. Its more about incorporating protein into your diet by adding it to meals and snacks.

How does protein promote weight loss?

The benefit of including protein in your diet is the effect it has on filling you up which can reduce appetite for longer and therefore, weight loss! Protein does this by producing a greater thermogenic effect in the body than other macronutrients, which means it uses up more energy to be broken down.

The science bit

Studies have shown that higher protein diets provide greater weight loss and percentage of fat loss. Research over 6 months showed that fat loss was almost twice as great as in subjects consuming high protein. Long term benefits included reduced abdominal adipose tissue – you know, that stubborn tum chub! (Paddon et al 2008).

What are the best high protein foods?

High protein foods come in various forms so there are plenty of options depending on your preferences.

Eggs – 6g protein per large egg
Salmon – 22g per 100g
Chicken breast – 28g per 100g
Lentils – 8g per 50g cooked lentils
Mixed nuts – 17g per 100g
UFIT – 22g per 310ml

How can UFIT help?

With 22g of protein UFIT contains nearly half of your recommended daily allowance! (*based on an adult on 2000kcal/d). UFIT has no added sugar, low fat and has extra goodness from vitamins and minerals. Grab one today and curb those cravings!

But remember…. running out of pizza definitely counts as cardio!

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