6 Healthy UFIT Facts!

6 Healthy UFIT Facts!

UFIT is quickly becoming the go-to drinks for those on-the-move who are looking to a healthy alternative to packaged sandwiches and unhealthy snack bars.

As UFIT continues to hit the shelves and fridges near you, we thought we’d give you 6 healthy UFIT facts that show why so many stores want to stock us!

1. 22g of high quality protein – UFIT contains 22g of high quality protein which is naturally rich in both fast and slow releasing whey and casein proteins. This makes UFIT the perfect healthy snack to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

2. No added sugar – UFIT contains no added sugar! The only sugars in UFIT shakes are those that are naturally present in milk which is known as lactose. This makes UFIT one of the leanest and lowest carbohydrate protein ready-to-drink available

3. Low in fat – UFIT is low in fat making it one super healthy shake! Not only do you get the benefits of a high protein shake with no added sugar, you also get extremely low levels of natural fat for one of the leanest shakes available.

4. Vitamins & minerals – Unlike most other one dimensional protein drinks, UFIT contains essential vitamins and minerals that help keep your immune system fighting fit when you come under attack from the pressures of modern life! No need for tablets and pills, just grab a high protein UFIT!

5. Added fibre – UFIT is also further enhanced with added fibre to promote gut and heart health. UFIT helps look after you from the inside do you can be your best on the outside.

6. Amazing taste – Did we mention that UFIT drinks have passed extensive customer taste tests? Our shakes are extremely tasty if we may say so ourselves!

So there you have it, 6 reasons to pick up a UFIT next time you are doing your weekly shop, you won’t be disappointed! And remember to tweet or Instagram us with your bottle using the hashtag #UFITFACTS there might be a little prize in it for you!