Protein Tiramisu

Protein Tiramisu

Another healthier version of one of your all time favourites has just landed. That's right, we have created a recipe for protein tiramisu and it's going to blow your socks off!


What you will need

3 Egg yolks

3 tbsp golden caster sugar

250g Mascarpone

3 Whipped egg whites

Sponge fingers

200ml UFIT Iced Latte




Place your egg yolks into a large mixing bowl

Add sugar

Mix until lighter in colour

Add crème fresh

Mix together until smooth

Fold in egg whites

Place your sponge fingers into a dish

Pour half a bottle of UFIT Iced Latte over the sponges

Spoon your topping into the dish

Place in the fridge to chill

Dust with cocoa powder

Add any other toppings that you wish!