It's All About Beauty On The Inside

It's All About Beauty On The Inside

There are lots of reasons as to why our Collagen+ Beauty Milk should be your go-to health drink. If you struggle to find products that benefit your body from the inside out then we may have the answer for you. Our Collagen+ Beauty Milk is quite literally beauty in a bottle!


Why do we need Collagen?

Collagen is found in the body within our muscles, tendons, organs and bones. It is the substance which holds our body together, almost like a glue. From around the age of 35 years old, the production of collagen in our body slows down.  


What can this mean?

Low collagen levels or depletion can cause a few health and beauty related problems:

Skin- Collagen helps to keep our skin looking young by providing structure to its cells. It keeps the skin looking plump and firm. When collagen levels become low, the skin doesn't have much internal support. This can cause it to stretch and become saggy.

Joints- The cartilage in your joints provides cushioning which allows you to move freely without pain. Collagen is one of the main components of cartilage, without a sufficient amount of collagen you may begin to experience joint stiffness and pain.

Muscles- As mentioned earlier, collagen acts like a glue in the body which helps to bind muscles to bones and ligaments. As your collagen levels decrease, the collagen fibres become weak and the bind is not as strong. This can cause friction and soreness to the muscles.

Hair and Nails- Collagen is the most abundant, structural protein in the body. The amino-acids that make up protein are the building blocks for strong and healthy hair and nails. Without collagen, hair follicles can become weak which can cause hair to snap. Nail roots will also not receive the nutrients that they need to stay strong if collagen levels are low.  


So you may be sat there wondering if Collagen+ Beauty Milk is for you? If you are looking for a product to support your skin, hair, nail and overall health from the inside out then the answer is yes! Why not give it a try for yourself today?  


Where can you buy Collagen+ Beauty Milk?

Our Collagen+ Beauty Milk is available from Holland & Barrett, Tesco, Ocado online or here from our website.


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