Ingredient Spotlight - What is Glutamine?

Ingredient Spotlight - What is Glutamine?

Glutamine is possibly the most well known amino acid in existence and has a wide range of functions that benefit your overall health and well being. Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your hard working muscles making up over a whopping 61% of your skeletal muscle. There are various ways that you can obtain adequate glutamine levels including from our wide range of nutritious, high protein drinks.

Ingredient highlights:

  • Immune health support
  • Muscle protection
  • Fat loss support

The benefits of glutamine

Glutamine is known as the most essential component of muscle protein and it has been widely documented that glutamine can help you protect your body from the inside out. Consuming adequate amounts of glutamine through your diet can help support a more efficient functioning of the immune system and can help support overall health and wellness. It has also been shown in research that glutamine can actually increase the amount of calories and fat that your body is able to naturally burn at rest and during activity or exercise. Now if these are not good enough reasons to ensure you're getting your glutamine fix every day then we don't know what is!

Drinks featured in

Every single one of our drinks are rich in glutamine which is naturally present in high amounts in the milk and milk proteins that we have specifically selected for our formulations. Choose your goal and then choose your drink, it's that easy!