How To Enjoy The Festive Season The Healthier Way

How To Enjoy The Festive Season The Healthier Way

Now, may we kick off with it's Christmas! We are absolutely NOT telling you not to enjoy all of your favourite festive treats. But there is a way to enjoy the festivities a healthier way.


Our Top Tips To A Healthier Cristmas:

Moderation - Here at UFIT we love nothing more than a glass of bubbles and a mince pie at Christmas, but notice we said glass not bottle of bubbles and a mince - one (OK maybe two). A little moderation can save you thousands of calories without missing out!

Protein is King- Filling up your plate with protein at meal times will help to keep you feeling fuller or longer, thus leaving you full and satisfied and avoiding the mandatory tub of Christmas chocolates later in the day. Try eggs with breakfast, a protein packed UFIT as a snack or extra Turkey with your Christmas dinner!

Keep active- We are not suggesting you need to get up on Christmas morning and get your trainers on, but keeping active over the festive period will help to burn off those additional calories you've been enjoying. Rather than watching your 325th Christmas film why not wrap up and suggest a family walk in the park.

Be mindful- What on earth do we mean by be mindful? Well, how many times have you sat with a family size bag of crisps whilst watching TV only to put your hand to the bottom of the bag and none are left? Mindless eating is one of the main reasons we gain weight at Christmas or at any time. The food eaten off our plates with a knife & fork is considered. We choose to put it there, we look at it as we eat it and we notice when it's gone. Finger food slips down all too easily and we often don't even notice we're doing it! Try putting a portion in a bowl and really enjoy the delicious flavours of your food rather than mindlessly eating it. You might be surprised how much less you eat.


Once again we are not suggesting you do not enjoy Christmas, let go and enjoy yourself, but with these few simple tips you might find the jeans you'd plan to wear for the New Years Eve party still fit!


From everyone at UFIT we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year!