How To Avoid Weight Gain As Winter Sets In

How To Avoid Weight Gain As Winter Sets In

As the days get progressively shorter and noticeably colder the need for those hearty dinners and comforting treats starts to set in. With this our lack of motivation to get out and about diminishes and we settle for nights snuggled up in front of the sofa rather than an after work trip to the park. The result tends to be that come January we are a little softer around the middle than we were in the summer! So is winter weight gain just a part of life or can it be avoided? Well we certainly think it can with just a few small tweaks to your daily routine. 


Start your day with a healthy meal or snack. Breakfast is often known as the most important meal of the day because it sets you up for the day ahead. It will get your metabolism going again after having 'fasted' all night, you'll feel more awake and if you've had a good nutritious breakfast you are less likely to reach for those naughty mid-morning biscuits! Why not try one of our protein packed Iced Latte drinks which contain 100% real Arabica coffee along with 22g of hunger fighting protein.


Include protein at every meal. Why? Because protein helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer so including a good quality protein source like eggs, lean meat or a UFIT protein shake at each meal will keep you more satisfied than a meal of the same calories which doesn't contain protein.


Keep active! We don't mean you have to hit the gym to be active. Just take the stairs where possible, opt for the long way back to your desk and perhaps suggest a daily walk around the block to a colleague. As they always say, every little helps!


'Cheat' the healthy way! What we mean by this is try some healthier versions of your favourite treats. We have lots of recipes for some hearty dishes that will fill you up without filling you out! Find them all by clicking HERE. See, that doesn't seem too tough does it? With just a few small tweaks to your day you can coast through the winter season and your jeans will still fit come Spring time!