Fudge Brownie Pancakes

Fudge Brownie Pancakes

Whether you're looking for a new breakfast, lunch or tasty snack idea, this recipe could be the one for you! Our Fudge Brownie Pancakes are really simple to make in just a few quick steps and will not leave you feeling disappointed that's for sure! 

You can find the full recipe video right here.



Into a bowl add

100g Plain flour

2 eggs

¼ bottle UFIT Fudge Brownie

Mix together

Cook in frying pan until golden brown

Serve with plenty of peanut butter and chocolate sauce


Fancy mixing it up? Why not try adding chocolate chips to your pancake batter or topping your stack with something a little different? The truth is, the possibilities are endless! 

Get creative with this recipe and tag us in your ideas on Instagram- @ufitdrinks. We can't wait to see what you come up with!