We've Sold 30 Million Bottles!

We've Sold 30 Million Bottles!

This month the UFIT team have reached a milestone. Since 2014 we have sold 30 million bottles of UFIT and couldn’t have done it without the help from all of you!

UFIT was once a small start-up brand that was launched specifically to cater to the ‘blurred lines’ between sports nutrition and everyday drinks. Over the past 5 years, the UFIT range has been carefully developed to appeal to both genders, with a broad age spectrum – not just ‘young, guys that gym’. It’s a philosophy which has stood the brand in good stead thus far and the brand now has a strong presence in the Top 4 UK mults, Convenience, Forecourts, Vending and even M&S has launched UFIT in the last few months. We have also made it into The Grocers Top 10 in protein brands and the top 10 flavoured milks, achieving the status as the fastest growing flavoured milk brand in 2018 as published by the Grocer.

We see no slowdown in the demand for protein, in fact far from it! Next year we are forecasting further year on year growth. Household penetration is still very low and protein is becoming more and more mainstream so there is plenty of growth to come!

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