Top Tips On How To Survive Freshers

Top Tips On How To Survive Freshers

Freshers is fast approaching and some of you may be wondering how on earth you can possibly stay on track with the temptation of boozy nights and cheap takeaways? With these 3 simple but useful tips in mind, coping with Freshers won't be as hard as you think!  


Top Tip Number 1- Sensible diet decisions

So how does weight gain occur? Quite simply, if you are consuming more calories than you're burning off, you will begin to gain weight. Now with this in mind, what if we told you that alcohol is nearly as calorie dense as fat, with 7 calories per gram and absolutely no nutritional benefit what so ever? Crazy right! Making sensible decisions each day about where your calories are coming from is a good way to keep on-top of things. For example, if you've already eaten a fry up, an extra-large pizza, 2 doughnuts, a share bag of crisps and a tub of ice cream for dessert, you may want to re consider that cocktail party you were invited to. Freshers is a time to enjoy yourself and no-one is saying that you shouldn't, but calorie overload is not necessary. Make healthier choices and limit yourself to one treat option per day. Remember it's all about balance!  


Top Tip Number 2- Exercise

Are you currently trying to think of as many excuses as possible as to why you don't exercise? Haven't got a gym membership... Don't know how to use the equipment at the gym... The dog ate your trainers... We've heard them all before! If you find it hard to motivate yourself why not get an exercise buddy? Someone who can encourage you to get up off the sofa? Something as simple as going for a 20 minute walk each day can help to prevent feeling sluggish, burn a few extra calories and also clear the mind.  


Top Tip Number 3- Sleep 

Believe it or not, the amount of sleep you get each night can have a significant effect on your overall mood and energy levels. All-nighters for a week may sound like a great idea to begin with but you could start to regret that decision! Think of your body as a battery, what happens when a battery goes flat? It can't be used anymore until it's recharged. Allowing yourself time to rest, recover and recharge is vital, you physically cannot run on empty! Plus, nobody wants to live with a tired and miserable housemate anyway.  


The bottom line is, you can still let yourself go and join in with all the fun of Freshers. Just make a few sensible decisions along the way to avoid feeling like you have completely gone off track!


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