Tips to enjoy your holiday without piling on the lbs

Tips to enjoy your holiday without piling on the lbs

So you're off on your holidays and it's more than likely that you have partaken in some sort of pre-holiday diet. After all, we all want to feel confident in our swimwear while we enjoy the sun. Holidays are all about enjoying yourself, taking a well earned break and for many of us that includes indulging in many of our favourite foods and drinks. But did you know the average person gains 1-2lbs per day on holiday?! Even more if you opt for the all inclusive option!

What if we told you that holidays don't have to mean complete sabotage of your dieting efforts? With a few simple tips your holiday can be just as enjoyable with minimal weight gain.


Pre plan treats- The first tip is to pre-plan. Allow yourself one or two opportunities that day to indulge in whatever you want. Do you really enjoy a full fried breakfast or do you enjoy a cocktail after your dinner? Pre-plan your treat for that day and really enjoy it, try to make healthier choices around these times rather than taking every opportunity to indulge.

The importance of water- The second and very important tip is to drink lots of water. This is especially important if you are holidaying in a hot climate. Water helps our bodies function properly, keep us hydrated and can help with appetite control; thus making the lure of the all inclusive buffet a little easier.

Alcohol is almost as fattening as fat!- If you enjoy an alcoholic drink on holiday this might be where the majority of your weight gain is coming from. Alcohol is nearly as calorie dense as fat, with 7 calories per gram. So if you are starting at mid-day and continuing into the evening, it is very easy to double your calorie intake from alcoholic drinks alone! Rather than missing out you could try alternating an alcoholic drink with a diet soft drink or water.

Be wary of the buffet- Many of us will jet off on holidays that provide a buffet at meal times. This can be extremely overwhelming and can mean we are tempted to pile our plates high. Rather than opting for every option every night perhaps take a look around the buffet first before grabbing a plate. Choose something you really want and fill a side plate with lots of fresh salad. Take this back to your table before getting anything else. You might find you don't need the four slices of bread and butter you normally begin with! The chances are the buffet will be similar the next day and you can try something else.

Use the hotel facilities- Why not use some of your spare time doing a bit of light exercise? Ok so we're not expecting you to hit the hotel gym every morning, after all you are supposed to be relaxing but that doesn't mean you have to be completely sedentary. After brekkie before the pool becomes busy jump in and do 10 or 15 lengths before you hit the sun bed or challenge your partner to some late afternoon tennis before you head back to your room to freshen up. Try including something active every day even if it's a long stroll along the beach.

Pack some UFIT drinks- Protein helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer, so throwing a few UFIT drinks into your suitcase and enjoying one during the day will keep those hunger pangs at bay so you're less likely to snack on unhealthy treats throughout the day. We are all for relaxation and letting go of any strict dieting or training regime whilst you are on holiday but by following these simple tips it can help limit unwanted weight gain, allowing you to enjoy showing off your tan when you get home.