The Crunch With A Protein Punch

The Crunch With A Protein Punch

Here at ÜFIT, we are most commonly known for our range of high protein milkshakes. However, as most of you know, we decided to branch out into the high protein snacking sector and ÜFIT Crunchers were born! The ÜFIT range is aimed at both male and female consumers and has been developed to suit the needs of busy individuals, offering ‘on the go’ nutritional convenience. ÜFIT Crunchers offer an innovative product to complement the growing healthy high protein snacks and drinks category that has a genuine functional benefit.

Recent research from Mintel highlighted that the crisp category is seeing a decline in value sales, while popcorn and savoury snacks are growing 1.6% and 13.9% respectively. This is due to the increasing demand for lower-calorie, healthier snacking options.

Marketing Director, Terry Adams says “ÜFIT products have been positioned to ‘bridge the gap’ between mainstream and everyday health categories and this latest addition will allow the brand to enter the snacking category with a product to cater for the needs of those looking for healthier alternatives to traditionally unhealthy crisps.
Snacking remains incredibly popular in the UK with 93% of adults snacking over a two-week period, 63% do so once a day or more. However, with recent shifts in attitudes towards general health, consumes are shunning traditional fried crisps in favour of lower-calorie, nutritious options. We believe the Crunchers will fit the needs of these modern health-conscious consumers”

The wide-ranging benefits linked to protein has pushed the category into the spotlight with ÜFIT’s innovation acting as a catalyst to growth. Protein is now one of the fastest growing vitamin and dietary categories in the UK. The latest research from Mintel finds that, outside sports nutrition, 25% of Britons have consumed a high-protein food or drink in Q2 2016.
New products launching with a high-protein claim has increased 97% between 2014 and 2015.

ÜFIT Crunchers contain 10g of protein in each 27g bag, are high in fibre and contain 70% less fat than traditional crisps. They are available nationwide from Holland & Barrett, Ocado and Sainsburys along with numerous wholesalers and distributors.

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