The Benefits Of High Protein Snacks

The Benefits Of High Protein Snacks

There's a reason why there has been such a huge boom in the market for protein enriched snacks. Research has suggested there are many benefits of snacking on high protein foods like eggs and UFIT drinks. We've put together a simple to understand guide to exactly what those benefits are and how you can easily slot some protein rich snacks into your day.


Protein & Weight Loss

Studies have shown there is a strong link between protein rich snacks and weight management. During the study researchers gave both men and women a protein rich snack between their usual meals whilst the control group had a low protein snack. Over 4 weeks, those who consumed the high protein snack lost on average 1kg more than those who consumed the low protein snack. Following the results of the studies, researchers suggested that protein-rich snacking may boost satiety and thus facilitate increased weight loss.


Protein & Blood Sugar Levels

High protein snacks may also help to maintain normal blood sugar levels. A study in 20 healthy males showed that those who were given a mid-morning high protein snack of plain yoghurt or milk had the lowest blood sugar levels of all the group. Some researchers suggest that this is due to improved glucose metabolism from the amino acids that make up protein, others believe it's down to improved insulin action. What ever the reason, both agreed that consuming a high protein snack between meals had a positive effect on blood sugar levels.


Protein & Heart Health

Consuming high protein snacks could also help protect your heart! An American study found that participants that had the highest amount of protein in their diet (an average of around 100g per person) had a 40% lower risk of having high blood pressure to those who consumed the least amount of protein. It was unclear to exactly the reason why this was, but researchers found that the type of protein whether from animal or plant sources, had significantly lower systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure levels after following up with each candidate four years later.


Our Favourite Protein Rich Snacks

So what protein rich snacks could you easily slot into your day? Here's a list of our favourite high protein snacks:

-Hard boiled eggs are easy to transport and there's no need for a knife & fork!

-Greek yoghurt look for the authentic kind rather than Greek style for the highest protein content.

-Unsalted nuts are perfect for on the go but they are also high in fat so watch your portion size.

-UFIT drinks are tasty, convenient and packed with 22g of nutritious healthy protein!