Start your day with protein

Start your day with protein

Wake up with protein and start your day the healthy way. Protein has been shown to offer a bundle of awesome benefits at breakfast time. As the old cliché goes, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and it can make the difference between feeling full of life and ready to take on the world or feeling lethargic and low on energy.

Give your brain a boost!

A protein rich breakfast can help support your brain's ability to communicate and send messages to the rest of your body, making you feel awake and alert! So whether you're up for your morning exercise session or heading to the office, make sure you give your brain a boost with protein. Our drinks are super convenient and offer the perfect option to throw in your bag and gulp on the tube or in the car.

Feel fuller for longer

Protein has been shown to keep you fuller for longer meaning not only are you getting the nutritious goodness of protein but you're also less likely to reach for a sugary cereal bar or unhealthy mid-morning snack. We all know about the 11 o'clock vending machine syndrome which is the point at which you feel hungry and low on energy. The natural reaction is to grab a snack from the vending machine which often turns out to be a chocolate bar or a packed of crisps! Get your protein in at breakfast and take another one of our drinks with you for your mid-morning snack and stay out of the vending machine queue!

Lose weight with morning protein

As we've discussed, by eating protein-rich breakfast, you will reduce your temptation to grab a sugary, unhealthy snack later in the day. This can be a real benefit for anyone who is following a weight loss diet, helping to keep you away from gorging on foods that contain 'empty' calories that offer no benefit to you or your body shape. Incorporate protein into your weight loss plan and ensure you consume adequate levels at breakfast and in between meals to keep you fuller for longer. Uslim offers a high protein drink with vitamins and minerals along with added antioxidant green tea and green coffee bean extracts to support a healthier appetite and metabolism.

Avoid the sugar crash

Many so called 'healthy' breakfast bars and biscuits are actually not so healthy when you dig a little deeper! Most contain high levels of refined and added sugars and low levels of protein that cause rapid and short term increases in energy levels followed by a crash. These products generally offer no benefits apart from a short term boost and simply cause you to reach for anything that will give you a quick burst of energy and we all know that can mean - biscuits, chocolate, full fat know what we're saying....we've all been there!

So next time you are planning breakfast, have a think about your protein sources. We're here to help you run your day and not let your day run you which is why our range of functional lifestyle drinks offer you the perfect protein packed support to keep you on top of your game!

Ufit Breakfast takes the confusion out of breakfast time and offers a combination of protein, vitamins, minerals and liquidised oats to get you off to the most nutritious start.