Shape up for summer

Shape up for summer

Holiday booked....check. Passport up to date....check. Happy with your body....hmm not so much. We all go through the same routine every year and we face the same worries and insecurities about how we will look in a bikini or swimming shorts when the holiday finally comes around. Well how about we make this year a little different and start planning your path to having the body you want early enough so you can actually do something about it.


Get active to get in shape

If you have a gym membership and exercise regularly then you are on your way. If you don't have access to a gym then don't worry, the main thing is that you participate in some form of medium to high intensity exercise such as weight training, fast walking, jogging or cycling each day. To stay active daily is easy for many of us but for others it's a struggle so this part requires commitment and that can only come from you. unfortunately the bottom line is that you won't achieve a body that you feel is beach ready by sitting on the couch eating biscuits although that would probably be far more enjoyable!


Top exercise tips:

1. Plan your exercise regime with an aim to train 3-5 days per week

2. Use a combination of weights/resistance training and cardiovascular exercise

3. Exercise for 45-60 minutes each session

4. Monitor your progress and strive for improvements each time

5. Consume a protein drink after each session


Eat yourself slim

As the old cliche goes 'abs are made in the kitchen'! Although we my not all be striving for the perfect six pack, that old cliche is 100% correct and the importance of what you eat and drink cannot be underestimated. To achieve your ideal summer shape you must be prepared to get educated about what to eat and drink and commit yourself to sticking to a healthy eating plan. There will be times when you will need to reward yourself with a piece of cake or a plate of chips but you cannot expect to lose weight and add muscle tone if you're indulging in these types of foods regularly, it simply won't happen.


Top diet tips:

1. Don't skip breakfast and ensure you start the day with at least 20g of protein

2. Eat regular small meals to keep your metabolism as active as possible

3. Eat fruit and veg but do your research on the correct fruits to consume

4. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, many often confuse hunger with thirst

5. Read your labels and learn what is a nutritious option and what should be avoided.


Unfortunately there isn't a quick fix and no easy road but by sticking to the above simple steps you'll be able to make a big difference in a short space of time and you'll be sipping on that Pina Colada in the best shape of your life. Try and avoid the fads, unfortunately so called diets are now as fleeting as fashion trends an the only methods that have stood the test of time involve regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet.