Shake up your health with the power of protein!

Shake up your health with the power of protein!

What do our muscles, bones and immune system all have in common? They are all in your body I hear you say....that is correct but not quite what we were getting at! What they have in common is that protein is essential to each one to keep them in tip top health. In this article we will look a little further into how consuming adequate amounts and the right sources of protein can keep you on top of your game!

Unhealthy protein misconceptions

There are a lot of common protein misconceptions that have naturally developed over the years but we are happy to report that as the population become more aware of the health benefits of this super nutrient that these misconceptions are becoming less common. There are however some popular myths that we would still like to clarify, we've outlined our favourites below:

"I'm toning my muscles as I train so I don't need protein"

Not strictly true we're afraid! As you exercise you are actually putting your muscles under stress, causing them to break down which is a natural process as your muscles become depleted of your main energy source which is known as glycogen.

What protein actually does is help you repair and replenish these energy stores to rebuild your hard working muscles and help reduce that feeling of muscle soreness you get after a tough exercise session. That is why we recommend taking one of our drinks to every one of your training sessions, so you have a quick and convenient source of protein ready as you finish.

"Protein will bulk me up like a bodybuilder"

Erm, no it won't so don't worry! Protein is essential to people who want to add muscle and size but consuming protein won't naturally turn you into a muscle bound hulk! Unless you are dedicating your life to the gym, muscle building training and every single little aspect of your diet then you there will be no chance that you will develop large, bulky muscles.

It is also impossible for women to do this anyway as they do not have the hormonal environment to accommodate building large muscle mass. What it will do is help strengthen your bones, protect your immune system and help turn wobbly parts of the body into toned and firm part, if you follow a healthy balanced diet and exercise regime of course!

"I only need to worry about my protein intake as I get older"

Again, this is a common myth and certainly not true. Protein is essential to those over 40 years old as a reduction in muscle mass, strength, flexibility, metabolism and bone health start to occur. This however doesn't mean that you should only start supplementing with high quality protein when you hit 40.

Protein is essential for all people of all background of all ages and ensuring you are consuming adequate protein levels earlier in life means that you are more likely to support the prevention of age related muscle loss along with keeping your bones strong and your immune system healthy.

"I can consume a lot of protein in one meal and I'm set for the day"

This is a very popular and very important misconception. Having one meal that is packed with protein and then having no more in any other meals is a waste of time and a waste of protein!! Research suggests that adults need between 15-25g of protein at each sitting in order to support healthy muscle and immunity. Although consuming more than 30g at once has been shown to have additional benefits, these benefits reduce as your intake increases in one sitting.

We have developed all our drinks to allow you to consume between 15g and 25g in one go which includes our Ufit Pro50 that has 50g of protein in each bottle for those who want more but can be split over 2 x 25g sittings for those who want to split over 2 occasions.

Health benefits of protein

Many foods contain protein and the most popular and best types of protein rich food include beef, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Protein has a whole host of essential health benefits including building and maintaining your organs, muscles, and your immune system.

Protein is key to helping you make hemoglobin (the part of your red blood cells that transports oxygen around your body) along with helping you build cardiac muscle (your heart!) so whether you're hanging out with mates, hitting the gym or scaling a mountain you need protein to keep your body in optimal functioning mode!

Protein is also an essential component of your hair and nails so not only can it help support your health on the inside but can also help make you look your best on the win right?!