Make these simple diet swaps & save over 800 calories a day!

Make these simple diet swaps & save over 800 calories a day!

Nobody likes the idea of going on a diet, but if you need to cut back then consider making simple food swaps in your usual daily diet before doing anything drastic. You may find with a few alternative choices you could save enough calories to drop those unwanted lbs WITHOUT going on a traditional diet!


Morning - swap your morning large caramel macchiato for a UFIT Iced Latte. You'll keep the caffeine buzz you crave but will save 80 calories, not to mention a bucket load of sugar!

Breakfast- swap your usual bowl of granola with semi-skimmed milk for a bowl of porridge oats topped with a handful of fresh berries and save 150 calories.

Morning snack- swap your usual mid-morning snack of 2 digestive biscuits for an apple and you'll save 70 calories.

Lunch- swap your usual supermarket bought chicken pasta salad for a chicken salad sandwich and yourself save 195 calories.

Afternoon snack- swap your afternoon chocolate bar for a bottle of UFIT Chocolate and you'll save 130 calories, as well as feeling fuller for longer!

Dinner- swap the rice with your chilli con carne for an equal amount of cauliflower rice and save 100 calories.

Late night snack- swap your late-night chocolate fix for the snack size equivalent of the same bar and save 105 calories.


That's a total calorie saving of 830 calories over the course of just 1 day! If you were to make these changes for an entire week you could save a whopping 5,810 calories which equates to 1lbs of body fat. Go on, give it a try!    


**Notes** Caramel Macchiato ‚Starbucks large. Granola ‚Tesco classic granola, 40g portion Chicken pasta salad ‚ Tesco honey & mustard pasta salad 1 pot, Chicken salad sandwich, Tesco pre-packedAfternoon snack chocolate bar, Yorkie Late night chocolate, Full size Crunchie / Snack size Crunchie