Lockdown Weight Gain- Stop Stressing!

Lockdown Weight Gain- Stop Stressing!

The world is finally returning to normal and the social invites are starting to pile up! The dress you bought before Lockdown is ready to make its first outing and you couldn’t be more excited! But, you go to try it on and uh oh… it doesn’t quite fit anymore. Now what?! Listen up…


No one knew this was coming!

2 years ago if someone told you that there was going to be a global pandemic and that the whole world was going to be forced to stay in their houses for months on end and not even be allowed to hug their own family, you would have laughed in their face right?

Absolutely no one could have predicted that this was going to happen and unfortunately it was completely out of anyone’s control. None of us knew how to deal with the situation as it was something we’d never experienced before! Everyone dealt with Lockdown differently and if you gained a little bit of weight WHO CARES! It’s been a stressful year and we all need to cut ourselves some slack.


There’s plenty of time for exercise

For many of us, Lockdown really affected our normal fitness routines. With gyms closing and not being able to meet up with others for exercise, the motivation to workout became pretty much non-existent. Let’s face it, who wants to jump around in the living room on their own anyway?

It’s okay if you fell off the exercise regime for a while, most of us were in the same boat! Rather than dwelling on what might not have been achieved this past year, it’s time to look forward! Gyms have opened up again, we can freely exercise with friends and the evenings are getting much longer and warmer! Why not shift your focus and start working on those fitness goals today!


You made the best of the situation

If there’s one thing that Lockdown taught us, it was that sometimes you need to find the fun in the simpler activities. How many of you started having family Zoom quizzes with a few drinks every Saturday night? Or maybe you jumped on the banana bread hype? These activities became the new normal for many of us for quite a while!

The thing is, you look back on it now and having those things to look forward to was what kept a lot of us going! If eating a loaf of banana bread and drinking a few wines kept your mental health in check then that’s the most important thing right?


So don’t be so hard on yourself!

Hopefully this article has helped you to realise that a little bit of weight gain over Lockdown is not the end of the world! Sometimes it can be hard to look at the bigger picture but it’s important to reflect and realise that this pandemic was not easy. Many of us struggled in different ways but we’re finally coming out the other side and things are looking up.


For many of us, the lockdown period provided us with some time to reflect on what’s really important in life, like seeing loved ones and striking a better work/home life balance.


Buns of cinnamon are much more appealing than buns of steel anyway, and there’s more to life than sitting on a crowded train, travelling to an office everyday.


Well done, we salute you!