Live well with protein

Live well with protein

Protein is a super nutrient and is known for providing the building blocks of the body. Protein is also essential for keeping your health in tip top shape along with contributing to the growth maintenance of muscle mass and we're not talking about building t-shirt Arnie, but general all round strength to give your best every day.

Did you know? After water, protein is the most valuable substance you can consume!

So, how can protein benefit me?

Proteins offer a number of benefits to your general health and well being. Check out some of the main benefits of this super nutrient:

  • Proteins supply you body with a vital energy source after you have used your carbohydrates and fat energy sources.
  • Proteins consist of a collection of essential amino acids that your body cannot naturally produce meaning you need to get your hit of these vital amino acids from foods (and protein rich drinks like ours!).
  • Amino acids are used by your body to build cells, make blood and replace and repair body tissues.
  • Beauty? Really? Yes, really...Protein is the structural component of your skin, hair and eyes and a diet rich in protein can support these along with other vital parts of your body.

Check out some of the functions of proteins.

Antibody Antibodies provide your defence shield and protect the body from bacteria and viruses.
Enzyme Enzymes are hard working biological catalysts and are important in respiration. They also read the genetic information within our DNA to help make new molecules.
Messenger Proteins help transmit signals between cells, tissue and organs to help with biological function.
Structural Proteins help provide a firm structure and support for other cells and enabling the body to operate and create movement!
Transport/storage Protein also acts as a transportation unit carrying atoms and small molecules around the body.
Ideally we should be looking to ensure proteins make up 10-15% of our healthy diets and that we obtain our protein from good, complete sources like such as milk, cheese, eggs, meat, fish, poultry and nuts and seeds. Many protein rich foods also have high fat levels so it's important to ensure a you are striking a healthy balance with the nutrients you are consuming.

Examples of protein rich foods are:

Food Grams of Protein
1 glass of milk 8g
Skinless Turkey/Chicken (100g) 30g
Skinless Chicken breast (586g) 17g
100g Salmon also high in omega 3 26g
100g Lean beef (less than 5% fat) 36g
Hard-boiled egg 6.3g
28g almonds, sunflower seeds 6g
28g flax seed 5g
100g Cheddar cheese - limit amount due to high fat content 25g

Each of our high protein drinks offer additional functional benefits to suit you and your needs whether you are looking to fight of hunger, build muscle, lose weight or improve your overall health.

Our drinks Grams of Protein
Ufit 22g
Ufit Breakfast 15g
Ufit Pro50 50g
Uslim 15g
GoHealth Balance 15g
GoHealth Joint Protect 15g
Collagen+ Beauty Milk 12g