Ingredient Spotlight - Casein protein

Ingredient Spotlight - Casein protein

Casein protein is a fraction of milk protein and it makes up approximately 80% of the natural protein content found in milk with whey protein making up the remaining 20%. Casein is well known in exercise and nutrition circles as a slow release form of protein and is often consumed in between meals of before bed to offer the body a steady release of amino acids over a longer period of time.

Ingredient highlights:

  • Helps keep you fuller for longer
  • Rich in essential amino acids
  • Naturally rich in calcium
  • Muscle maintenance

The benefits of Casein protein

Casein protein, a natural fraction found in milk offers the benefits of a sustained release of amino acids over a longer time period. Casein is absorbed more slowly by your body than any other type of protein, making it a great option at breakfast time, before bed or in between meals to help keep you fuller for longer. Research has shown that combining the slower releasing casein with the faster absorbing whey protein can offer the benefits of better protein utilisation by the body due to the combination of fast and slow release protein types. Our drinks have already done this for you so no need to buy any cows!

Drinks featured in

All our drinks are made with a combination of fresh skimmed milk and milk protein, meaning each one is packed with a natural source of casein protein to offer you a slow release of hunger fighting protein throughout the day.