Goal setting for a Healthy New Year!

Goal setting for a Healthy New Year!

Every December many of us start to plan the possibilities that the next 12 months can bring with the view of turning over a new leaf come January. One of the most popular goals of course is one that involves your overall health and fitness. It is all too common to go out of the blocks at pace by joining a gym and spending hundreds of pounds on new gym clothes only for the wheels to fall off by February! Is that you, and be honest?! When setting goals we are big advocates of following the SMART principles which will help keep you on the straight and narrow and ensure that you are more likely to stick to your goals.

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-sensitive for example, instead of setting the goal of losing a stone, set the goal of losing 3 pounds over a week or a 2 week time period. This means it is specific, measurable, realistic, time-sensitive and most importantly attainable. Once you've achieved that milestone, you can repeat the process and move on to the next milestone and continue to break your overall goal into manageable, smaller bite-size pieces. An airline would never take off without a flight plan, a destination and a time of departure and arrival so think of yourself as an airline!


Your guide to getting healthier in 2015

Losing weight, adding some essential muscle and improving your overall health will be amongst the most popular goals for 2015 so let's look at our 5 basic tips for supporting a healthier you.

1. Consume enough protein (of course!)

The importance of consuming enough high quality protein in your diet cannot be underestimated and we're not just saying that because we love protein! Protein offers a variety of benefits including keeping you fuller for longer, protecting your immune system and keeping your muscles & bones healthy and strong. Ensure you consume protein with every meal and why not try our drinks to replace any unhealthy snacks you usually have in between meals.

2. Drink more water

It is no secret that water is essential for keeping you and your body healthy. Water makes up approximately 60-70% of your body and many of the important functions of your body require water to be completed successfully. Some of the other benefits of water includes helping to flush out harmful toxins, keeping your skin healthy, regulating your body temperature and of course keeping you hydrated throughout the day and before, during and after exercise. We suggest making a refillable water bottle part of your essential 2015 health kit and keeping it with you at your desk, or in your car and sipping water regularly during the day. So get drinking!

3. Don't fear healthy fats!

Believe it or not, you have to eat fat to burn fat! Fat is an essential fuel source for the body and should be incorporated into your meals and snacks regularly. Healthy fats can offer a number of benefits to the body including the regulation of hormone levels, keeping you feeling fuller for longer and is also essential to helping keep your hair, skin and nails healthy. This doesn't mean though that you should go out and buy a giant chocolate bar or pop down your local fast food outlet for a burger, it's very important to eat the correct types of fats including avocados, nuts, seeds, coconut, eggs and fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel. So remember...eat fat to get fit!

4. Go green!

Without sounding like your parents...eat your greens, they are very good for you! It is very true what they say and the information that you have been fed since you were a child is true, green veggies offer a nutritious punch that cannot be matched. Leafy green veggies contain what we call phytochemicals such as vitamins C, vitamin K, magnesium and carotenoids that are very easily by the body. Keep an eye out for the likes of spinach and kale which are fast becoming known as the king of nutritional vegetables. Make sure you give all veggies a quick wash in cold water before you eat them and their versatility means that they can be easily added to all meals and food types. No excuses, get your greens!

5. Don't be afraid to ask for support

Surround yourself with positive influences and a good support network, people who understand your goals and who offer nothing but encouragement. We are also here to help you and you can connect with our helpful and experienced team through any of our social channels. Share your achievements each and every time you hit a milestone and look for support if you come up against a challenge. It often only takes a few positive words of encouragement to keep you on track. Let's make 2015 your year, stay positive and stay healthy.