How we create your drinks

How we create your drinks

We often get asked how our amazing drinks are made. No we don't have a herd of cows at our HQ that we have to milk every day, luckily we have a fantastic network of experienced farmers that do that for us ensuring we have the freshest and most nutritious milk for our products!

And then there are the processes that we follow at our production facility to ensure that this fresh milk is combined with our secret and unique recipes to produce the most effective drinks.

We've illustrated the whole process for you below so you can see the journey from the cow to your fridge!

Step 1 - Our fantastic farmers bring us fresh milk

Step 2 - The milk is delivered to our factory from local farmers

Step 3 - We add our proteins, vitamins, minerals, flavours and our other fantastic ingredients to make your delicious shakes

Step 4 - We fill bottles that then undergo special sterilization treatment to keep your nourishing drinks fresher for longer

Step 5 - We then pack our drinks on to our lorries to deliver to you!