Can Collagen Give Us Younger Looking Skin?

Can Collagen Give Us Younger Looking Skin?

We love collagen here at Beauty Milk HQ so we've included it in our best-selling Collagen Protein Milk product. There are loads of reasons why we love collagen, mainly due to the wealth of health & beauty benefits of adding it into your diet.


Benefits of collagen

As you age, your skin starts to look more tired as your collagen production declines and the skin loses its elasticity. As well as aging, other factors such as smoking, sun damage, poor diet, poor sleep and alcohol consumption cause the breakdown of collagen production. Surely if you could boost your collagen, you would have more plump, radiant and hydrated skin? Well, collagen makes up to around 75% of the skin which is why it plays such an important role in the appearance of a young and healthy complexion. Scientific research has shown that ingestion of collagen enhances the formation of collagen fibrils in the dermis. This is the second layer of skin made up of mainly water, elastic fibres and collagen which gives the skin its structure and support. The research also showed improved skin properties of women in the winter as it allows better hydration (Choi et al 2013).


So what actually is collagen?

Collagen is naturally found in the body as a protein. It is the most abundant and is found in muscle, bone, skin, blood vessels, organs and tendons. The simplest way to describe collagen is the glue that holds all the body parts together.


How can Collagen Protein Milk help you?

As you age and your collagen production slows down, you can supplement with Collagen Protein Milk which is a delicious, nutritious and convenient way of consuming collagen. Full and hydrated skin aren't the only benefits of this product! As well as improved skin, collagen also provides:

-Strength, volume, shine and fullness for the hair.

-Keeps joints and muscles strong and flexible.

-Provides fluid and cushioning for cartilage.

-Keeps tendons and ligaments strong and flexible.

-Gives the arteries support as it keeps them strong and flexible

The product also contains:

Vitamin C: This enhances the effects of collagen, protects against immune system deficiencies, protection against eye problems and cardiovascular disease!

Vitamin E: This is great for the skin and prevention of wrinkles as it can speed up cell regeneration! It is also blood thinning so is heart healthy! It can also balance hormones and help with PMS symptoms!

Vitamin B complex (B12, B3, B6): Boosts good cholesterol, regulates homocysteine (bad for the heart), and can help regulate mood and sleep patterns.

Vitamin D3: This is produced in the skin naturally when you are exposed to sunlight. It helps for absorption of calcium so helps you have strong bones and teeth!

Green tea extract: Green tea has been shown to improve your metabolism and is often called the fat burning antioxidant. As it contains caffeine it can help with brain function and keep you alert.


As well as all these amazing benefits, Collagen Protein Milk also has 11.9 grams of protein! Protein has also been linked to effective weight loss. Collagen Protein Milk is available from Tesco, Holland & Barrett, Ocado or online HERE.


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