Benefits Of Protein At Breakfast

Benefits Of Protein At Breakfast

It's no secret that we are nuts about protein! It forms the basis of everything we do here at UFIT Drinks and we're committed to helping you understand the many benefits of this wonder nutrient. We all know that protein is important in your diet but it's the WHEN that often confuses people. The real answer is that protein can be consumed at any time and you should be adding a good source of protein to each of your regular meals. There has however been a growing number of studies that specifically look at the benefits of consuming a good quality source of protein at breakfast time.


Benefits of protein at breakfast

There are a whole host of benefits that protein offers at breakfast time to help you get off to your best start. Many still skip breakfast which in our book is a big no no!! Previous research has linked this habit with obesity, something that now affects one in three Americans and unfortunately it seems to be a growing trend here in the UK. A recent study at the University of Missouri on 20 overweight adolescent girls tested the affects of a high protein breakfast (35g or protein) versus that of a lower protein breakfast (13g protein) and another group who were required to skip breakfast altogether, the study was conducted over a week. The high protein breakfast led to an increase in satiety levels and a feeling of fullness compared to the moderate and zero protein groups. There was also a decrease in the level of brain activity that causes cravings...amazing eh!? Get your early morning protein in!


So there you have it, eating a breakfast that is rich in good quality proteins like eggs and Greek yoghurt can have a profound impact on your drive to reach for those tempting, unhealthy snacks later in the day. Foods that are high in protein help make you feel fuller for longer which allows you to better control your appetite, so our high protein UFIT drinks are the ideal choice at breakfast when you need a convenient and delicious way of bumping up your protein intake.

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